Digital marketing for recruitment agencies

The way people find, research and apply for jobs has changed…

“Over 75% of job seekers start their search on Google” (CareerBuilder)

Recruitment as we know it is changing – and as a result, the recruitment agency marketing model is changing fast. In today’s competitive world, recruitment agency marketing professionals and business owners both want the same thing: more candidate and more client leads.

The trouble is that a large proportion of the recruitment agencies we speak to have been built through being really good at direct sales. But as technology develops, candidates are changing how they engage and as a result, clients are changing how they buy recruitment. Essentially, the way people find, research and apply for jobs has changed. 

Traditional sales models are beginning to prove less effective, and instead, some agencies are gaining huge advantages through digital marketing and the acquisition of early-stage candidates and new client vacancies. In order to get ahead, the modern recruitment agency needs to think more like marketers to create an engaging, helpful candidate experience. 

And that’s exactly where we come in. At Angelfish Marketing, we help agency marketers and business owners alike gain an advantage in a massively competitive space. How do we do it? By helping you revolutionise your inbound marketing.

How did we do it?

Applying for a job is a massive decision and candidates need your help. Delivering a programme of helpful, educational, career accelerating content to their social channels and inboxes can help to transform your candidates’ future and of course, put your business way ahead of the competition!

Sound good? Great! Here at Angelfish, we can help you to revolutionise your agency’s digital marketing.

Your journey starts here with our free marketing report and opportunity assessment. We’ll start by building a free background report on your existing marketing channels, which include:

And that’s not all:

As well as your initial marketing report, we’ll also throw in some expert consultancy too – which means you can enjoy a one hour review with one of our inbound marketing experts, absolutely free!

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