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There’s nothing our marketing team doesn’t know about inbound. From SEO to social media, blogging and email marketing to lead generation, we’re experts in all things inbound. We’re proud to have a friendly, hard-working and proactive team who are passionate about digital marketing – and even more passionate about helping you boost your ROI and achieve business growth.

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Meet the team photo - Rich, Director & Co-Founder




For more than two decades, I have been building organisation’s marketing and sales programmes from the inside. Since co-founding Angelfish, I’ve turned my attention to helping other SME’s develop world-class inbound marketing strategies and implementation plans to help grow their businesses. Angelfish is now recognised as one of the leading inbound marketing agencies in the UK and I feel like we only just got started!

Fun fact about me: I once rented a nightclub for six months. That was fun.





With more than 20 years’ experience in building teams and businesses, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t turn my hand to! My true passions lie with people development, finance, and business strategy. 

Fun fact about me: My whippet, Loki, is so named because of my love of Norse mythology or my love of The Avengers – you decide!

Meet The Team Photo - Lisa, Director & Co-Founder




I’ve covered every discipline from client account management, business operations, sales & marketing, people management and development and all of the other hats you wear when running an SME. Being a people person is where my heart & passion lies though! 

Fun fact about me: I am the queen of hygiene and am never without my anti-bac hand gel! (Written pre-2020!!) 

Meet the Team Photo - Abby, Head of Inbound


Director of Operations


My passion is being organised and ensuring our team & our clients are as organised as I am! I love working with our clients on their inbound journey, creatively solving any business challenges they may have along the way & most of all seeing the results we achieve.  

Fun fact about me: I ran the Gloucester marathon!





With 13 years of marketing experience (10 of which spent copywriting), I love creating content for our varied and wonderful clients. Things have changed a lot over the past decade, I enjoy learning about all things SEO so I can make sure your copy works hard for you!

Fun fact about me: I can also fluently speak, read and write Greek!

Meet the Team photo - Greg Carter, Inbound Marketing Co-Ordinator


Inbound Marketing Specialist


After completing my degree in Football Business & Media at a University entirely dedicated to football and thoroughly enjoying the media side, I decided to pursue a career in digital marketing! Joining a new job at the beginning of Lockdown 1.0 is never going to be easy but it’s been great being part of the Angelfish team throughout. 

Fun fact about me: I was a regional level swimmer for 8 years! 



Senior Inbound Marketing Manager


I have a degree in branding, advertising and marketing with extensive experience in both B2C and B2B.

I love being part of the Angelfish team, and I’m continually looking to develop and acquire new skills, just like the ever-evolving inbound marketing landscape!

Fun fact about me: I used to have a severe button phobia, yes buttons! (it’s a real thing, honest…)

Meet the team photo - Dom Moriarty, Growth Specialist


Growth Specialist


With a surname like Moriarty, I’ve become known as a digital marketing sleuth over the last 10 years! I’ve worked in several digital agencies, and as a consultant, helping global brands, SMEs, charities, and everything in between achieve their marketing goals. I’ve been a HubSpot specialist for the past 5 years so I’m always excited to show businesses how awesome it can be for them, prove results, and showcase the power of inbound!

Fun fact about me: My favourite pastime is playing backgammon! Lots of strategy, plenty of luck, one of the oldest games in the world, the perfect metaphor for life. Fancy a game?



Onboarding Co-ordinator


With over 15 years of project management and 5 years of small business administration experience, I just love the logistics and organisational requirements of my role!

Enjoying being part of the Angelfish team and learning all the time.

Fun fact about me: I've lived in 4 countries and love to learn about new cultures!



HubSpot Trainer & Writer


I'm a skilled online content creator with over 15 years of digital marketing experience across media, film, magazines, wellness and social media. I adore blogging and creative writing and have been told my imagination is my strongest asset - but I think it's my thirst for knowledge. HubSpot combines the two, and training people to use this genius marketing tool is a career highlight!

Fun fact about me: I've climbed the highest mountain in the UK. 

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