59% of marketers think inbound marketing produces higher quality sales leads

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Why Do I Need Inbound Marketing Services?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to be heard. Basically, the way people buy is changing. Nowadays, if someone is looking for a service or a solution to a problem, they will research their options online long before they talk to anyone about it. In fact, customers today progress more than 70% of the way through the decision process before they even begin to engage with a salesperson.

Think about it: when you’re buying anything, the first thing you do is open a browser and start looking at your options – and your prospects are exactly the same. The days of cold calling, direct mails and print ads are numbered, which means that traditional marketing methods are on the decline. In fact, just 18% of marketers say that outbound provides them with the high-quality leads they need.


Flying Fish came to Angelfish to help them overhaul their digital presence, their marketing technology and ultimately increase their sales and ROI.

We first installed HubSpot and provided set up Onboarding, data management and a training programme. Our next step was to produce a Inbound Marketing Growth Plan to chart their path to growth.

Through our support Flying Fish were able to generate 40% more website visits over 12 months, as well as 59% increase in lead generation.



Lead gen increase



Traffic Increase


Angelfish Marketing, completed our onboarding & training to help us get going with HubSpot. We found them to be incredibly helpful and took the time to understand our business and helping with how to get the most out of the software. Since our onboarding sessions, the team at Angelfish have continued to support us with our marketing, blogs, SEO and PPC. Angelfish are friendly, knowledgeable and have a passion about helping businesses improve their online presence. I would highly recommend Angelfish if you are looking for help with HubSpot or help with Marketing.


And That’s Where Digital Marketing Comes In…

From SEO to social media and blogs to email marketing, there are tons of ways you can get your business out there and grab the attention of your potential prospects. But there’s just one problem: every single other business is busy doing the exact same thing.

What you need is a way to bring all of these elements together in one seamless strategy, so you can join the dots, ensure you stand out from the crowd and make your prospects sit up and take notice by encouraging them to interact with your business and boost your profile.

That’s right – you need an inbound marketing agency.

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What Is Inbound Marketing?

In a nutshell, inbound marketing is when a business draws potential customers’ attention to their website by producing relevant and interesting content such as blogs, white papers, eBooks and case studies. Rather than wasting your time and effort desperately trying to attract the attention of your prospects (dated DMs and dodgy desk drops, we’re looking at you!) inbound is all about creating and sharing valuable and informative content that appeals to your audience and attracts them to you so you can stop doing the chasing. Clever, huh?

And it’s not just about getting a quick sale either

Inbound marketing is all about nurturing relationships over time, so you can continue to delight your prospects wherever they are in the sales cycle, providing them with useful information so you can address their ongoing needs. That means you can nurture client relationships over time, turning them into long-term partnerships – and giving your business the fuel it needs to keep on growing.

Inbound marketing works on the four basic principles of attract, convert, close and delight:



Getting traffic to your website is important, but what’s even more important is getting the right kind of traffic. You don’t just want any old website visitor – what you want are people who will turn into leads and eventually long-term customers. The first stage of inbound marketing does exactly that. By developing buyer personas you can begin to understand exactly who your ideal customers are and start attracting them to your website through tailored, targeted content that answers your prospects’ questions, shows them how to solve their business problems and demonstrates your understanding of their business.



After you have attracted your visitors to your website, you need to start converting them into leads by getting their contact information. A good way of doing this is by offering something of educational value such as an eBook or whitepaper, which is where your meatier content comes in to play. You’ll then use forms and calls to action to convert your visitors into prospects and use landing pages to gather more information about their business, challenges and the problems they are looking to solve – turning them from a visitor into a contact.



So far, so good. You’ve attracted the right types of visitors to your website and converted them into leads – but as you move your prospects further down the sales funnel you need to nurture their interest by providing regular and relevant information that educates them. By using CRM systems, targeted emails, workflows, marketing automation and other conversion tactics that fall under the inbound marketing services umbrella, you can tailor your marketing and tweak your content to suit the exact stage each of your leads is at, understanding who is ready to engage and knowing when to make your move.



After the deal has been done, your relationship with your customer is only just beginning. Inbound marketing is all about continuing to deliver fantastic content to your customers no matter where they are in the sales cycle, so you can keep delighting them until they become enthusiastic champions and loyal brand advocates. Marketing automation tools such as surveys, monitoring and reporting allow you to automate the process of regular customer contact – so you can support your customer service and delight your customers.

How Can We Help?

Angelfish offer inbound marketing services designed to help you take your marketing to the next level. We’re a specialist inbound consultancy and a Diamond HubSpot Partner, so trust us when we say there’s nothing we don’t know about inbound. We’ll use our expert knowledge to help you develop a high-quality inbound marketing programme, giving your business the tools you need to grow.

Our inbound marketing services include:

Content Marketing

We’ll help you to discover your buyer personas’ challenges, wants and needs and develop a content strategy that appeals to them. By creating truly great content that will be seen, shared and found, we’ll drive real leads to your business and help build trust in your brand in order to turn your prospects into customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will create successful and measurable SEO solutions that will help get your website found and make search engines fall in love with you. By making sure your website ranks highly on search engine results pages, we can ensure it is consistently found by the right people – allowing you to generate more traffic which results in high-quality leads.

Website Optimisation

We specialise in creating beautiful, innovative and bespoke websites that go the extra mile to generate leads. It’s not just about cutting edge design (although we do that too) – we also focus on functionality and optimisation so your website can consistently work hard for you and provide you with the return you need.

Consumer Insight

We will help you to really understand your customers and provide unique insights into their buying behaviour. We’re pretty lucky to be part of the Angelfish Group with two of our sister companies specialising in market research – so if it’s insights you’re looking for, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Paid Search

If organic methods just aren’t cutting it for you or if you’re working to a strict schedule and need to see results fast, our paid search experts will design a bespoke PPC campaign just for you. We’ll work together with you, reviewing and amending our strategy along the way to promote your business online and bring in high quality traffic.

testimonial design
Our Facebook advertising campaigns have helped people to find us - people who weren’t aware that our job vacancies even existed! The consistency of the messages and imagery that we publish has raised the bar in terms of defining our brand and marketing communications.
testimonial design

Recruitment Agency, Owner

testimonial design
It's been great to collaborate with Angelfish on our inbound marketing strategy. Right from the initial consultation, we knew that our content marketing would stand to benefit from Abby and Rich's wisdom. Both offered sound advice and creative content ideas in our meetings, all with our particular business services in mind.
testimonial design

Tech company, Marketing Manager

testimonial design
Angelfish has helped us turn HubSpot from just another marketing tool into the core application powering our sales and marketing strategy. HubSpot is now used by almost every department in the business. We very much consider Angelfish a part of our company and our strategic growth plans. I could not recommend Angelfish more highly.
testimonial design

Tech company, Sales Director

testimonial design
It is an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Angelfish. With their customer-first attitude and drive for measurable results, it's no wonder they have some of the best agency retention numbers I’ve seen to date. Looking forward to seeing their continued success in the coming months and years.
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HubSpot, Channel Consultant

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